The Anaheim Brewery – A Somewhat Hidden Gem

I had just finishing showing some young clients of mine the newly constructed houses and town homes at Colony Park in Anaheim.  As we were wrapping up the visit, I noticed the Colony Park sales center had on display the manliest beer growler I had ever seen with the words “Anaheim Brewery” printed on the side.  Naturally, as an “area expert,” more investigation was required.

As it turned out, just a few blocks away, a commercial center was being built by the same company that developed The Lab in Costa Mesa.  The Packing House was in the earliest stages of development.  But one storefront was open:  The Anaheim Brewery Tasting Room.  This place is fantastic!

When you first walk in there’s definitely a friendly Cheers-like atmosphere.  There’s a long bar with saddle stools facing the taps and large glass windows revealing the brewing room in back.  I ordered the beer flight, 5 or 6 small taster glasses each containing a different brew, served light to dark.  These were not the exotic, super hearty beers you might find at a place like The Bruery in Placentia (which deserves its own writeup).  But these were immensely “clean” and “smooth.”  Truthfully, I enjoyed every one of them.  Maybe that doesn’t do enough to describe just how pleasantly surprised I was.  Normally, when I order a beer sampler, I find one…maybe two beers I really like.  With each beer in this flight seemingly more enjoyable than the last, there was NOWHERE to be disappointed.

The friendly atmosphere is something the owners, Greg and Barbara Gerovac, really seem proud of.  Each time I’ve stopped in, one or both of them have been there with a big smile and friendly attitude.  They enjoy talking about their passion for their work and how they spent several years living in Germany where they studied how to craft German style beers before bringing their expertise back to the states.  They’ve told me how they are not striving to be the next Anheuser Busch or Miller.  They explained that, in Germany, there were small breweries in each town that pretty much…served the town.  It then made sense why they foster that friendly feeling when you walk in the door.  They want to be Anaheim’s brewery – a community fixture rooted in 150 years of history…and their product is AMAZING, which is why I encourage everyone to stop in and experience their awesomeness.

The Anaheim Brewery is still somewhat of a hidden gem.  The Packing House remains under construction.  The parking lot has yet to be paved.  In fact, figuring out where to enter and where to park your car can be tricky.  But these factors are the only thing keeping the Anaheim Brewery from being one of the busiest weekend hangouts in town.

Stop in this weekend and bring your friends.  That way, when the time comes that the place is packed shoulder to standing shoulder with patrons, you can say, “I was coming to this place back when you had to park your car in the dirt – back before this shopping center even existed.”

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