Renters Need An Orange County Real Estate Agent.


Finding a rental home is something you CAN do on your own, but since having a rental agent represent you costs nothing, ask yourself, “Why shouldn’t I have an agent?”

What happens if you find a home in the newspaper or on Craigslist, decide to move in, and find out weeks later the owner is losing that home to foreclosure? How soon do you have to find a new place and move out? What about that sizable security deposit the owner required up front? Can you get that back? How?

Rental agents make your life a lot easier without charging you for their services. Similar to a buyer’s agent, a rental agent will help you schedule viewing appointments, take you to see properties, handle the application process and paperwork, answer any questions you have, and research homes before you move in to make sure there are no obvious red flags. Rental agents do all of this and still, you pay no fee or commission. Agent compensation comes from the owner or manager of the home you decide to move in to.

Let your agent spend the hours searching for answers to questions like:

-Who takes large dogs?
-Are appliances included?
-Will this owner accept less than perfect credit?
-What school district is this property in?
-I need a guarantor/cosigner to qualify. Will that be a problem?

Orange County rental agents save you time and money while offering a little more piece of mind.


Most Orange County real estate agents DO NOT work with renters. While commissions for home purchases can be substantial, rental commissions that agents collect (paid by the landlord) rarely a few hundred dollars. Combine that with the amount of time and fuel it takes to show homes to prospective renters and most agents decide not to make that part of their business practice.

I’ve always felt that one of the best ways to build client relationships is by offering a service other agents don’t, and then perform it particularly well. In my opinion there’s no better way to show your clients that they are more than just a dollar sign than working hard to accomplish their goals when others won’t spend the time. I hope that providing this service and helping you find the perfect home will leave enough of an impact that you will be comfortable recommending me to your family and friends and remember me down the road when you are ready to buy a home yourself.

How Do We Get Started?


An email introduction always works well. Whether you have a basic or specific idea of what you’re looking for, or just have a few questions, you can reach me at You won’t have to wait long for a response. In the meantime, take a look at the incredibly useful search tool. You can filter for rental homes by clicking the “Property Types” field and then check the “Residential Lease All” box. In the “Price” field you now enter your rent limits and search away. Once you find a few homes that catch your eye, click on “Schedule a Showing.” The home you’re looking at will be emailed to me where I can begin researching and in preparation of scheduling a viewing appointment.

Don’t be afraid to register (optional) on the search page. It only asks for a few bits of info and I am the only person who receives this information. By registering, you can save searches to do them over and over again, you can subscribe to rss feeds or email notifications whenever something new that meets your criteria hits the market, save favorite properties, and more.


I get it…some people need to plan way ahead. Unfortunately, searching toO far ahead of your move date is almost always a waste of time. Generally, owners of vacant properties will not hold their homes vacant for more than 2-3 weeks for you, no matter how great an applicant you are. If you aren’t moving for another 60 days, the homes you see available now, are not likely to be around when you’re ready to move.

In this market great rental opportunities come and go quickly. Not everyone can afford to purchase a home (and many are having trouble holding on to the ones they own) forcing a busier than usual rental market. Often times the difference between getting the home you want and missing out is acting immediately.

If you have any questions not addressed in this overview, please put them in the comments section below.

-Brian Donlyuk

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  1. Bill Westrick
    September 24, 2012 at 10:39 AM

    I am looking for a duplex – 2 bedroom 1 or 2 bath in Anaheim or surounding areas . 1,200.00 – 1500.00 .

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